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Vinyasa Yoga

All weekly classes on the yoga-tastic timetable are Vinyasa yoga in style. This is a flowing, dance like type of yoga in which students coordinate movement with breath - to flow from one pose to the next.  The translation of Vinyasa from Sanskrit is ‘to place in a special way’. In this type of yoga,  for each movement, there is a breath. For example, if you’re lifting your arm, the rate of the breath and the rate of the movement is synchronised. So it’s an even and smooth inhalation co-ordinated with an even and smooth lifting of the arm. This is the same principle for warm-ups, sun salutations or for more challenging and creative sequences. This way of practicing is all about the breath - it helps focus the mind so it resides in the present moment.

Benefits of Vinyasa Style of Yoga

  • Gently warms muscles and lubricates joints before moving into more challenging poses

  • Builds strength and flexibility in the whole body

  • Encourages a deep connection to the breath throughout the whole practice

  • The strong focus on moving with the breath encourages students to be in the here and now

  • The practice eventually becomes a moving meditation

  • Excellent preparation for relaxation, breathing techniques and meditation

To join a Vinyasa yoga class in Ealing W5, Northfields or West Ealing W13 click here.