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Vinyasa Yoga in Ealing - Class Levels

Beginners Yoga in Ealing – for students who are completely new to yoga

Students who are new to yoga are recommended to join the Beginners Yoga Foundation Course.  This 6 week course provides an introduction to yoga including alignment, breathing, relaxation and mindfulness. The course is open to everyone.

Level One Yoga – for students who have completed the Beginners Yoga in Ealing Course

Students who have completed the 6 Week Beginners Yoga Foundation (or have some experience of yoga) are invited to join a Level One class. This class is designed for students who have already learnt the foundation of basic standing poses, are able to perform a simple sun salutation and have started a relationship with the breath. The Level One Vinyasa classes include warm-ups, some simple, flowing standing sequences, some longer holds in poses, breath awareness, relaxation and very simple pranayama and simple, short meditation. The emphasis of these classes is on alignment and understanding the importance of the breath.

Level Two Yoga – for students who are more experienced in yoga

This class is designed for students with a minimum of 3 years practice; who are already familiar with alignment of postures; are used to working with the breath and meditating. The Level Two Vinyasa classes include breath awareness, warm-ups, longer and more creative flowing, dynamic sequences, challenging variations of poses, relaxation, pranayama with retentions and ratios plus longer seated meditation.  There is a greater emphasis on the more subtle and energetic aspects of the practice in the Level Two classes. 

All Levels – open to all levels

Suitable for all levels; options are provided for every level.