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How do I join a yoga-tastic class and how much does it cost?

Classes are run in 10-14 week terms which run parallel to local school terms and are payable in advance. The cost is £11 per class when signing up for the term (e.g., a 10 week term costs £110). Payment for the full term is required, it is not possible to pay for part of the term. Discounts are available for students who wish to attend more than one class a week.  To sign up for the next term click here.

What happens if I join the term and then miss a class?

Victoria offers complete flexibility so you don’t lose out. If you can’t make your regular class you can switch to a different class that week. Or if you are away on holiday and miss your class you can take two classes the following week. Missed classes need to be taken within the same term, they cannot be rolled over to the next term.

Can I attend yoga classes on a drop-in basis?

You will really only feel the benefits of yoga if you commit to a consistent and regular practice. Students are encouraged to sign up for the term in order to deepen their practice. Each term has a unique focus or theme and is designed to be progressive so by the end of it you will have learnt specific poses, techniques and some yoga philosophy.  Drop-in/’pay as you go’ may be available in classes where space is available. Drop-in costs £15 per class (payable at the beginning of the class in cash).  Please email for availability.

Can I try a class before I commit?

Yes. Its natural you would want to try the class to see if the style and teaching suits you. It costs £10 to try a class. Please email for availability.

Which level of class is right for me?

If you are completely new to yoga it is recommended you join the 6 Week Beginners Yoga Foundation course in Ealing. You will feel more confident going into a Level One class if you have completed this course.

Level One vinyasa classes are designed for those who have some experience of yoga. Ideally students should have completed the Beginners Foundation Course before joining a Level One class. Level Two vinyasa yoga classes are designed for students who have at least 2/3 years consistent practice of posture and breath work. Mixed Level vinyasa yoga classes are open to all levels from beginners to experienced.

What happens in a yoga-tastic class?

Classes start with gentle warm-ups to get the body moving and to introduce the focus or theme of the class, before progressing to more challenging strengthening exercises, stretches, balances and  a variety of poses and sequences. Yoga classes conclude with cool downs and then a relaxation, followed by breathing and/or meditation. Victoria teaches predominantly using verbal cues, encouraging students to learn to respond to instruction and to take responsibility for themselves.  Demonstration is sometimes used and Victoria uses minimal hands on adjustments, preferring students to explore the pose from the inside out rather than imposing a shape on students bodies.

What shall I bring to class?

You will need your own mat and belt. Ideally you will two bricks and a blanket. Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in. 

Can I eat before the class?

Ideally it’s best not to eat three hours before your practice – although sometimes this isn’t always possible. If you need to eat within 3 hours of coming to class keep it light and simple.

Can I practise if I have an injury or medical condition?

Always check with your doctor first. If you have approval to start practicing inform Victoria about any injuries, medical conditions and medication you are taking. Also remember to let Victoria know about anything you think may be relevant from week to week. Victoria will help modify your practice as required. Please also advise Victoria if you are suffering from anxiety or depression.

Can I practise if I’m pregnant?

If you are a regular yoga practitioner who has been attending yoga-tastic classes for several years and are happy to practise in classes which are not specifically designed for pregnancy then yes. You will be guided by your teacher to modify your practice. You may find it more beneficial to join a specific pregnancy class. If you are new to yoga and are pregnant you will be unable to join yoga-tastic classes until after the birth as Victoria does not run pregnancy classes.

Which style of yoga does yoga-tastic offer?

All weekly classes on the yoga-tastic timetable are Vinyasa yoga in style. This is a flowing, dance like type of yoga in which students coordinate movement with breath - to flow from one pose to the next.  Read more about vinyasa yoga here