Energise & Restore Yoga Workshops across Ealing

A ‘mini retreat’ for you. This once a month Sunday workshop is a wonderful blend of vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga. Experience the best of both worlds; dynamic and uplifting flowing sequences designed to energise and cleanse complimented by a stiller, restorative practice which uses props to support longer holds with the benefit of nourishing and soothing the nervous system.  This unique combination of practices in one workshop means you work hard….and rest deeply. The session concludes with deep relaxation, breath work and/or meditation.  A profoundly rejuvenating practice for body and mind. Suitable for all levels except complete beginners.

Sunday 9th September 2018  2 - 5pm

Sunday 14th October 2018  2 - 5pm

Sunday 18th November 2018  2 - 5pm

VENUE Ealing Liberal Synagogue, Lynton Ave W13 0EA – corner of Courtfield Gardens & Drayton Bridge Road – free parking available



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Please bring your mat, blocks and belts as usual. Please also bring at least one blanket. I will provide bolsters and additional props.