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Yoga stretches, strengthens and cleanses the physical body - improving posture, muscle tone, digestion and immunity. It helps us lead a healthier and more vital life.

During a yoga class a range of physical shapes (poses) are made with the body to strengthen and tone the muscles, improve posture and enhance flexibility.   These shapes move the body in different ways, stretching and strengthening the front, sides and back of the body which in turn positively affect all the body’s systems.

Benefits of Yoga Poses

  • Improved muscle tone and strength

  • Better posture and flexibility

  • More efficient digestion

  • Enhanced respiration and circulation

  • Regulation of hormones including reproductive

  • Balances nervous system

  • Boosts immune system

  • Better energy levels

  • Healthier appearance

  • Preparation for relaxation and meditation

In a class, yoga poses are usually followed by relaxation, breath work and meditation.