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Breath is the gift of life. It carries your vital life force or energy (prana) and is the link between the physical body and the mind. Breath is the foundation of any yoga practice.   

During a yoga class you will be invited to develop an awareness of your breathing in a variety of ways. Simply being aware of the breath helps us become calmer, more mindful and to live in the present moment. And awareness of breath combined with making certain physical shapes improves lung efficiency and positively impacts all the body’s systems, most notably the nervous system, which has a positive effect on the mind.

Specific breathing techniques (pranayama) are practiced either during the class or after relaxation and affect the energy in different ways. Some breathing techniques are stimulating, some are calming and others are balancing.  There are many different ways of controlling the breath to enhance your energy.

Benefits of Breath Work

  • Being in the present moment

  • Become more mindful

  • Quietening or stilling of the mind

  • De-stressing and relaxing

  • Improved lung capacity and efficiency

  • Positively impacts all the body’s systems

  • Influences nervous system; energising, calming, balancing

  • Preparation for meditation